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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Underneath the Skin

Just because a person is covered in skin doesn't make them human.  Similarly, just because a person has a brain housed in their skull doesn't mean they are capable or even inclined to use it.  Every day, beings who populate this earth prove they do not possess the intelligence to qualify as human beings.
My point? Fidel Castro was a totalitarian dictator. No matter how deep you dig, learn the facts about other dictators, whether Communist or otherwise, you will find no history of a totalitarian dictator being a humanitarian. The very definition is the elimination of private property, all goods owned in common and a single authoritarian government controlling all means of production. A dictator is the sole authority, with all resources going to the wealth of his state. Ultimately, to him self. It might be promised that the wealth of the state will be shared by all the population but it has NEVER been so. The only wealth in Cuba is for the privileged and elite.  The majority of the country, the common man is destitute, with no opportunity to improve their situation.
Castro, like Stalin and Lenin left their people impoverished, imprisoned, brutalized and terrorized. He and other dictators before him were responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, for torture and extreme human rights abuses.  These type of powerful people may appear to be human.  I quoted in one of my novels,...sometimes the evil and depravity of humans is upholstered in the most normal looking skin. I believe this.  I would say that people who profit and feed off of the suffering of their fellow human beings are just animals.  That is an insult to animals because the huge majority of animals only kill for survival and from instinct. Animals possess no conscious.
When one person dies, either at your hand or by your order, you are a murderer.  When thousands die due to your actions, you are a mass murder. The free people of America have no clue what it would be like to live under such oppression.  I pray that I will never see what oozes underneath the shell of such sub humans.
There should be no grief, no tears, no glorification or condoning of this man.  Any time a ruthless dictator in this world passes away, it should be a time of celebration.  There are others still surviving on our earth and there should never be any pretense of such a person being a fellow human being.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks for this country, The United States of America and the life that it gives me the opportunity to have.  May you all prosper and have peace.

Friday, November 18, 2016

What's Happening at Your Child's School?

I truly believe that public school should be strictly for education and not for indoctrination.  While a knowledge of current events and civics is part of an education, it is suppose to be offered from a purely unbiased point of view.  Just as there is a mandate for separation of church and state, there is not supposed to be a propaganda filled curriculum where any one political view is promoted.
I have a feeling that no matter which side you were on in the presidential campaign, many of you have been appalled to see and hear what is going on in our schools---from the elementary grades to the high education (supposedly) colleges and universities.  Whether you are sending your young children off to school or your young adults have entered college, the college that you worked, saved and spent a lot of your money to give your child, are you truly okay with the teachers and educators imposing their own political and societal philosophies on your offspring?  Isn't that your place and job?  Are you okay with safe sanctuaries being  created on our college campuses? Is it acceptable to you that it is being taught in a classroom that our new President  is a racist...would it be fine if Hillary Clinton had won and it was being taught that she is a liar and a corrupt cheat?  
I say it is absolutely not the job of schools to choose one political set of beliefs and be allowed to teach that as fact to our children.  Since when, is one faction's values the only right values.  ONE side is not democracy and one side being promoted to our children in schools is not education. It is PURE PROPAGANDA.  You know---propaganda, such as in Communist State controlled countries. 
Not a very high number of citizens have the option of putting their children in private schools where they know what is being taught or home schooling them.  I say, be very watchful of what is happening at your children's school.  Be sure that you talk to them, that they know how you feel about the current events.  And while you're at it, be sure that your mind is not closed and that you teach them to have some room in their mind for opposing views and beliefs. 
This is not the United LIBERAL States of America or the United CONSERVATIVE State of America. This is the constitutionally free UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Thanks to our Patriots---Disgust with our traitors

When you march and protest with a loud and strong voice, you are exercising the rights that a free America promises you.  Signs and shouts and any displays of public disagreements are allowed. When you destroy the property of your fellow citizens---as far as I'm concerned, when you burn or desecrate the United States flag, you are a traitor.
The flag is the symbol of ALL Americans and our rights. Most importantly it is a symbol of all the people for over two hundred years that have given the ultimate---have sacrificed their lives, the ones that have lost their health and the families who have grieved for the loss.  Every one paid the highest price to protect the freedom that we all enjoy. 
We have mostly young and spoiled citizens who do not have one clue about sacrifice or patriotism, who are disrespectful and full of their own importance.  They have no idea about what the US flag truly represents.  They have been taught that their wants and needs comes above all. When they cry because the election or any other thing isn't their choice, the get counseling, they don't have to take their exams, they are the downtrodden and oppressed.  
Have any of these people ever stood beside the flag draped coffin of someone they loved?  Do they have anything productive to be doing?  How many of them have spent one single day in a battle zone or in a country where rights and privileges and safety are non existent?  
I believe deeply in every single right that our Constitution guarantees us.  I also believe that people who have no more intelligent way to protest against things that they disagree with than to burn the flag that is not just theirs but ALL American's, are disgusting and show complete disregard for the rights of others.  Exercise all the rights that you are promised, but I believe that desecrating the flag should be against our laws.
I give my thanks to each and every member of our military and to all of our patriots.  To flag burners, I say "Shame on you. You're an embarrassment."