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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Do You Smell That?

There was an old saying, "You couldn't clean that up with Bab-O."   That's what I feel like about this presidential campaign.  The choices that we have facing us make me want to go take a hot bath---scrub down my counter tops. I'm not sure if we could even boil away the stench that is following both of these candidates.  I am sick at heart and in my gut at the extreme lack of character that they both possess.
Personally, I just can't find any peace in choosing either one.  I've been around a lot of years and I do know that there is bad that escalates all the way to pure evil.   A person that talks and behaves vulgar and crude, shows disrespect, not only for women but for anyone that holds opposing views,  that is arrogant and full of themselves is not a person that I could respect or point out as an example to my children. A person that can't stop telling me how successful and important they are and offers plenty of grandiose promises with no true explanation of how they will fulfill them is not someone I would like to vote for.
On the other hand---a person who has been in powerful positions in our government for nearly three decades and shown more than a few times that they are willing to use and abuse their power for their own benefit is certainly not my choice.  More frightening is the consistent lies and multiple suspicions of literally breaking our laws. There is the "what difference does it make" attitude---a person that will look straight into the camera and the eyes of the American citizens and act as if WE are ridiculous for questioning their integrity.  Most frightening, the documented facts that over fifty people that would be considered their enemy have died.  DEAD! people that have had accidents, committed suicide---some deaths that might have had reasonable cause but many that are actually not explainable.  To me, this is the bad that moves up onto the level of evil. 
I wish I could offer some solution, I can't.  I believe we have to recognize that we have let this country sink to these levels.  There is a raw sewage stink up to our knees and I wonder how we're ever going to clean up.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rumors of War

There's been a lot of stories and rumors floating around in recent days about the threat of war. Stories about how Russia suggested that all of it's citizens living abroad and their families return to the mother country. A report of a three day disaster drill in Russia, in which 40 million participated, concerning a nuclear strike. Does this mean anything? Could we have a World War III?
You would have to have your head completely buried in the sand to not be aware that the whole world is volatile these days.  From terrorist to civil unrest, even here on our own soil, its a dangerous environment.
However, the possibility of our country having an invasion type of home ground war, such as happened in the movie, RED DAWN is practically zero.  There are approximately 300 million guns owned by citizens in America. There are six million registered gun owners in Texas alone...six million, if each owner only possessed one gun.  There is no one on the face of our turbulent earth that would be foolish enough to physically invade the USA.  As Hitler said, "The first thing that must be done to conquer a country is to disarm it's citizens." WE are not and will not be disarmed. 
Does that make us safe from attack?  Far from it.  The most probable and highly possible way that we will be thrown into chaos will be an attack on our power grid.  If an enemy could take down our power, our utilities and communications they would cause unimaginable catastrophe nationwide.  And, they would be counting on the destruction of our daily culture to cause us to turn those weapons against each other. 
Each of us truly needs to let our minds imagine the long term consequences of such an attack.  Like all apocalyptic scenarios...should you start living your life in fear that tomorrow will bring disaster? No, but you should absolutely think of what you would do to protect you and your family and how you would survive either for a short term or for a very long time.  There's a very long distance between unreasonable panic and being prepared.  Trust me, because there are people in the world that would love to see the downfall of America, it is always possible.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Is Aggravation Fatal?

    Can you die from sheer aggravation?  After being married to one man for fifty years...with the current outrageous presidential list, like everybody's is seemingly endless.  I am still here, however.  I suppose even when you feel like you're aggravated to death, you are not.
    It has long been a source of frustration for me that I am required to have an ongoing relationship with a doctor.  When I think  about how, at my age, it's unavoidable, the blood pressure that is one of the issues that I'm forced to count on her to prescribe her pills for, just soars right up.  When I arrive at the office, my blood pressure is always higher than usual. 
    So-o-o, I'm back in town. I have an appointment with a new doctor, since my fifteen year physician is no longer available and recommended Dr. New and Improved.  First point of making me want to scream?  After over an hour of waiting, she swirls in, (like Loretta Young...anybody remember her?) smiles and introduces herself. "Sorry to tell you, it hasn't been quite a year since your last appointment for an annual and therefore your insurance won't pay yet."
   REALLY?!  No one knew that when I made the appointment or even an hour and a half ago.  My plump little old lady body that the scales just reported had not lost one single damn ounce perched on the edge of the exam table for nearly an hour. My legs dangled like a helpless child, my blood boiled and my mind planned all my arguments to give her.  I never go "quietly into the night" in the doctor's office.
   I would so like to slap that smile off her young and pretty face.  I will have to return in three weeks...I will have to get up at the crack of dawn, starve and drive back into town and wait and wait. I will pay my price like a hostage held for drug ransom.  And, just so this visit won't be a waste, says Dr. New, she has a list of innoculations that are HIGHLY recommended to keep my body from falling prey to creeping age and deterioration.
   I had to practically beg to get her to look at a spot I was concerned looks fine but when I return, she can refer me to a skin doctor.  This, my dear friends, is what your doctor is about these days.  They prescribe, refer and run tests.  I know times change, often for the best, but Good Grief! The hubby and I had a family physician for years.  He took care of me, delivered three babies for me, and then took care of the babies. The man did everything short of major surgery in his office.
   How I would love to rant and rave to the doctor and medical system instead of you, but there is chronic deafness there. The patient's needs and complaints are drowned out by the noise of the huge money making machine. I'll just sit here and type out my frustrations with the one good arm that I have. The other one that I got two shots in---a latest miracle pneumonia and a life and death required tetanus---has hung limp and aching at my side for the last two days.

Friday, September 30, 2016

We Lose!

   The late 1990's movie, Primary Colors, was supposed to be a fictional portrayal of the presidential campaign of the Clintons. Kathy Bates played an excellent role of a loyal friend that was hired to investigate allegations that could be used against the presidential candidate. After some very disturbing revelations to her and the realization of how deeply flawed the characters of her previously admired friends were, she committed suicide. In the movie, at her funeral, the candidate tearfully admitted that Bate's character (Libby) had sent him a note before her death..."I am so f--king disappointed in you. Shape up!"
   I think that says it pretty well. That is precisely how I feel.  I'm so disappointed and my heart hurts at the choices, we Americans have come down to, to be the leader of our beautiful country. In a country of  over 3 million, in a campaign where we were offered options of many qualified citizens who were honorable, we will either have the despicable or the more despicable as our president.   Who ever wins this election, we lose.
   You can try to deceive yourself by saying...well, politics is dirty and governments are soaked with greed and corruption.  These things are true, even in a democratic and free society.  America has allowed these truths to become so prevalent that we are in extreme danger of losing every basic principle of good that made us a great country.
   Just because Hillary Clinton has very well learned the smooth speech of politics does not excuse her lies, unethical and perhaps illegal and self serving behavior while in the supposed service of her country.  And just because Donald Trump has never been in public service does not make him a better choice and excuse his arrogance, extremely crude crassness, his ruthlessness and unethical methods.  Character is of the heart and actions, words mean nothing. Both of these prospective candidates lie, cheat, cover their own asses and brag about what they have or will do for if the truth of their former actions means nothing. 

   They are, in reality, the true representation of the United States government because it has become such a stinking cesspool of corruption that does not in any way represent the best interests of we the people. Until Americans quit voting for politicians based on their celebrity and the fact that they  promise or claim to believe in one thing that benefits our spoiled self interests...until we start demanding that our public servants have character, integrity and a love for this country...we are going to continue to swirl down the toilet. 
   We, the citizens of the United States of America, have lost already. We are about to elect and present to the whole world as our President, one of the two most disgusting examples of Americans that I can think of. The day that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump takes the oath of office in Washington D.C. is the day we lose the last semblance of greatness that we have.