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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Where's The Middle Ground?

I don't understand what has happened to the middle ground these days.  Where is the point of compromise, the place where people of diverse opinions find a safe area?

I have always said that I'm the Queen of the middle. I'm not the worst and I'm not the best, not the ugliest and not the most beautiful, not the unluckiest but catch a bit of luck some times...and so on. I've always been fairly comfortable, if not sitting on the fence, at least approaching it and peering across.

I admit to becoming much more set and stubborn in my beliefs and thoughts in my aging years. Still, I'm willing to acknowledge and try to see that MY way might not always be the only right way.  There's not a whole lot of that attitude out there in our America, it seems.  There is division and anger and when any advantage is gained by a particular faction, they grab it and bash the other side over the head with it. 

While I did not fully embrace the idea of Donald J. Trump as our new president, I did whole heartedly believe that we needed a change, we needed to back off from the direction the country was heading and take a good look at some of the drastic changes that had been occurring over many years. I am appalled at the destructive, nasty and divisive behavior of those that were unhappy with the election results.  But, I'm also appalled that many of those on the side of victory act as if they now force their ideas into others.  Why is it so hard for people to understand that in order for ALL to have rights, each will have to come give some?

On social media, there is a constant  If you agree...If you want this or that, then share, say yes, like.  That is a perfectly acceptable statement of, I believe this, do you? But, folks two wrongs don't make a right.   One question was "should Jesus be back in our schools?"   Are you kidding me? NO...religion should not be in the public schools. NO religion.  Discipline, accountability, patriotism...many things should be back in our schools.  Religious beliefs are a personal choice and the freedom to have your beliefs is guaranteed.  You are not to impose those beliefs on others or teach them as part of education.  

I am disappointed that the very people who complain of their rights being infringed on, are suddenly perfectly willing to stomp on the right of others.  To me, winning this election meant a hope that through our laws we could affect change in some of the illogical and extreme evolution that has been altering our culture, some of the over the top political correctness, some of the carelessness with our borders and security, some of the entitled minded attitudes.  I never thought that my own personal beliefs, even if held by a majority would become the superior rule of the land.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why Trump?

I'm no fan of Donald Trump and I'm the most normal everyday middle class American citizen that you could find. Lots of folks have asked "Why Trump?"---why did we elect an arrogant, obnoxious, abrasive and often plain offensive man to be president of these United States?

I'll tell you what I believe. Thousands of Americans who would never even admit that they voted for him, DID.  Our country has been drifting far away from even some type of middle ground for many years but the last few years has seen us veering at an alarming pace.  Even though it has been near impossible for some to believe and accept, an overwhelming number of citizens made their decision for change. 

We have began to reap what we've sown. We have ruined a whole generation. We have allowed no accountability, we have thrown away discipline; we have promoted an attitude of entitlement; in the name of religious freedom we have de-valued all religious beliefs; we have twisted freedom into an atmosphere of disparaging patriotism and loyality.  In our absolute wild quest to be politically correct, we have made it an insult to note any of the diversity that makes us the amazing uniqueness of being human.  We have a generation that is first and foremost, ME---what I need, what I want, what makes me feel good, what I deserve.  Worst of all, what some have insisted must happen for equality has made us a nation without unity, with no team spirit or allegiance to the very laws and values that made us a free country.

Millions of Americans have become weary and alarmed at the changes and the consequences of those changes. Do you honestly need any one religious book or set of rules to know the basics of decency? I don't---I may not be the most wonderful person in the world, but I promise you that I would not murder or steal or cheat or betray.  You don't have to have religion in schools to teach children the right way to live among your fellow humans.  Discipline, respect, reward for accomplishment and personal responsibility make adults with values and character. Those things don't have to be the law of any one god or religion. And loyalty to your country and the flag that represents it, has nothing to do with religion. Patriotism is not a religion.

So, why Trump? Because sometimes it takes an extreme change to back up from a very destructive path.  America has gone way past electing a president who talks a little different, claims to make change and is in reality just another version of the corrupt politicians that we have handed over our country to.  Personally, I want all the bribing lobbying corruption in the government to STOP. I want all of the insane, way out of proportion and logic, political correctness to STOP. I want the stupidity of admitting all of those who talk, act and look like our enemies, all of those who do not respect our borders or laws to STOP.  I don't want to be part of a global community. I want a safe, prosperous and unified America---the United States that I grew up being taught was the greatest country on earth to live in. 

Can Donald Trump give us any semblance of that country back?  Are we too far down a socialist, destructive path?  I honestly don't know. I do know that he is NOT the same political despots that have brought us to the edge of a dangerous cliff.  He's promising to build a bridge to a better future. I'm walking across. Because behind us the foundation of America is falling away.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Social Media Muck

I have a real love/hate relationship with social media.  Up until perhaps a year ago, I refused to "participate".  Even now, I don't put a whole lot of personal things on.  It might not be completely logical, but things about my children or grand children just feel not safe to me.  I actually have a page that I THOUGHT would mostly be for my novels and use my pen name.  I have a total of less than 10 friends.  Some folks just cluck their tongues when I say that and give me one of those poor old thing looks.
So I'm ON, in my own little world. Even though I hate to share a lot, I have to admit that I greatly enjoy seeing other's posts and the things that are going on in thier lives.  Since you get to enter music and other things that you personally enjoy, then you get all those updates and interesting posts that are right up your alley.
Having said the part that I do enjoy and since the ho-ho days are about over, I can bitch...can't I? Never mind, I don't need your permission.  I 'bout used up all my patience and cheer during the season.  What I truly do not like is that you feel like an idiot if you get a "friend" request, accept out of guilt and later find out they didn't really request your special friendship at all.  I also hate really needy folks---I don't mean that you have a problem or heartache like everyone does sometimes and need an ear or a little comfort. I get that.  I'm talking those constantly, if they don't have a problem, they post someone else's. They need a hug, need a prayer...most of the time, you don't even know the person in need, they are a friend of a friend's friend.  AND, they try to make you feel crappy if you don't like, pray, send a hug, etc.  Sorry to be an old grouch, but  come on, what ever happened to things being private and getting comfort from your real friends and family. Not the whole world.
You know, I am so sad...I'm actually heart broken for all the pain and suffering and outrageous injustices that are in our world. It sometimes keeps me awake at night with a hurt in my soul for the ugliness. But, PA-LEESE, do not try to tell me how to feel. Do not bury me in sad pictures of animals (over and over and OVER) and sick hurting children. Don't try to cram things down my throat. One evening of television often makes me feel like I've been through a freakin' house of horrors.   I make my own choices about what causes  seem important  and it's my private business who I give to.  You can't force people to care or love or send you a hug.  And, honestly; anyone who thinks that their life will be better, their problems less because someone on social media gives you a like or sends you a hug or sympathy will most likely never be free of problems or have a better life.
This must sound like the sourest grapes ever stomped.  I truly DO enjoy seeing your grandchildren, your family, the new baby---I am sincerely sad for your loss or illness or sick loved one.  Social media, like most new technology, can be amazing. If you feel good about sharing there, or receive some comfort, I sure don't have the teeniest right to begrudge you that. But, in my opinion, when you start returning and saying "I posted this and it didn't get any likes or comments. What is wrong with you people?"---like in the overall scheme of things, it makes a rat's ass what someone on Facebook or any other web site thinks---you don't need social media, you need professional counseling.

WHEW-W! Got that out of my system.  Gotta go check Facebook...Hope you're planning a Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Grinch and Me

It's sure the season.  Slinking behind and amongst the Ho, Ho, Happy, the Grinch never fails to make a visit to my house.  He pokes and prods, digs around in the mucky memories and like so many other folks, he often leaves me feeling blue---his job well done.
Ah-h, mister green and mean,
In the Christmas cracks he creeps.
Into my old heart he peeks.
Can he find a sore spot---an old ow-wy
that heal did not?
He tries his stinking bestest. Because Santa Claus, he is NOT.
He prances and dances with his ugly glee.  Sprinkling his sad all over me.
Then in his glorious grinchiness, sprints away to spread more of his holiday drear.
Christmas seems to be an exaggerated reflection of our lives.  It seems to come at the end of the year and for many, it is a reminder of all the things that DID NOT bring us happiness in years past.  It's true, we miss loved ones that are no longer here to share with.  While the world sparkles and laughs, the missing, the mistakes and misfortunes haunt us like Dicken's ghost of Christmas past. 
It has always been my belief that laughter is the very best medicine.  At Christmas, like in my life, I've really worked on kicking the Grinch on down the road.  There is absolutely joy and beauty and tremendous giving spirit in the world.  The secret of having joy in your life is to allow yourself to be happy for those that have peace and happy hearts all around you.  When you can get past yourself and feel true gladness for the good fortune of others, then you perhaps will have earned your place among them.